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Like many other Floridians, you probably had to file an insurance claim after your home got damaged by any event covered by your homeowner policy. You did everything by the book. Your claim was approved, but you may feel that you came up shortchanged. Unfortunately, this is not a rare occurrence. An experienced Florida public adjuster has heard many similar stories from clients. The money they got from the insurance company covered only a part of the costs to repair their home.

But, if you got paid, does it really matter that you got an underpaid claim? There is nothing you can do about it, right? Actually, it is not. A public adjuster can reevaluate and reopen your claim. They make sure that an accurate payment amount that covers your damages.

Why Did You Get an Underpaid Claim in the First Place?

Homeowners believe that insurance companies exist to look out for them and help them. After all, you keep your end of the deal. You pay your premiums on time and fulfill any new obligation, such as filing various required documents. Florida law also stipulates this right.

Unfortunately, as Florida public adjuster can explain to you, insurance companies exist to make a profit. This means that they will seek every opportunity to deny or undervalue a claim. We know this because many of our public adjusters used to work for insurance companies.

A Florida Public Adjusters Knows the Reasons Why You Got an Undervalued Claim

In some instances, when we look over an undervalued claim, we find some common issues, such as:

  • The homeowner had no idea of the up-to-date repair costs and asked for too little money
  • The homeowner made no attempt to negotiate the insurance company’s offer
  • Even if they did try to negotiate, the insurer’s delay tactics caused policyholder to accept the lowball offer.

These issues happen because you did not have an expert working for you and protecting your best interests. This is exactly what a Florida public adjuster does:

  • A fair evaluation of your damages and costs to repair your home
  • Accurate and timely filing in of your insurance claim
  • Conducts negotiations on your behalf, using their experience as insurance adjusters.

You May Reopen an Undervalued Claim and Get Pair a Fair Amount

When you contact a Florida public adjuster and present your case, you will get an honest professional opinion. They will tell you the chances of reopening your old claim. The adjuster will present you an estimate of how much they may win for you. They will also provide you what percentage of the amount you will pay as a fee.

Do not leave an undervalued claim hurt your financial stability. Contact a Florida public adjuster and get your claim reopened for a fair amount!

(954) 430-7333