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Have you filed an insurance claim for a fire on your property? Maybe you got it denied? Unfortunately, either you did not prepare your claim correctly or your insurer is trying to minimize their payouts. Whatever the case may be, your best option is to hire a fire public adjuster to analyze and attempt to overturn your  claim denial.

As a homeowner or business owner, you may not know the complexities of insurance laws in Florida. For this reason, you may think you have little recourse once you are hit with a denied insurance claim. You may believe that it is the end of the road as you struggle to rebuild your home or business after a fire has destroy your property.

Who are Fire Public Adjusters and What Can They Do for You?

But the true solution to the difficult situation you are in is to look for experienced fire public adjusters. These professionals are, in many cases, former insurance company employees. That’s right! A public adjuster most likely represented an insurance company in claim negotiations at one time.

But many professionals realized that policyholders have the right to be represented by a skilled Florida public adjuster. This is why they chose to leave these big insurance firms and become fire public adjusters. They are now using their skills and experience to counter the insurers’ tactics to reduce or deny your property damage claim.

Thus, you will actually be represented by a specialist, who has the same training and experience as the adjusters who denied your claim.

Can a Denied Claim be Overturned?

In most cases, experienced fire public adjusters in Florida can determine if an insurance company will reconsider a denied claim. For example, if you did not fill it in as per their request, the public adjuster will prepare it with zero errors.

After all, they have experience with all kinds of insurance policies, forms, and templates.

Secondly, even if, according to your insurance policy, you may not be eligible for compensation. Fire public adjusters can even use the Florida statutes to overturn the insurer’s decision. You may not know it (and the insurance company doesn’t want you to know it), but these statutes supersede policy clauses in many situations. Thus, you actually have the right to receive compensation.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Fire Public Adjusters in Florida?

Fire public adjusters in Florida know that you are already in financial distress. They do not want to add to it!  For this reason, all public adjusters work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we only get paid after we get your claim accepted. We negotiate a fair settlement for you, as a percentage of the amount we’ve won for you. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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