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Florida is often hit by hurricanes, which damage commercial buildings and homes without discrimination. If your commercial property was damaged by a hurricane and you cannot operate for a period of time until you repair it, you are entitled to file a business interruption claim with your insurance company. However, we strongly advise you to let experienced hurricane public adjusters help you prepare and file your claim.

After a hurricane strikes, many business owners will start filing this type of insurance claim. Thus, insurers would have to shell out a lot of money to satisfy each of their clients. In reality, they are working harder than ever in this period to protect their bottom line. How do they do it? By finding every little excuse to deny or underpay your claim.

Hurricane Public Adjusters Can Beat Insurance Companies at Their Game

“What exactly can a public adjuster do better than I in filing a business interruption claim?” This is a good question, and we have the answer. Many hurricane public adjusters used to work for insurance companies. They have the same education, training and experience as the insurance adjuster who will analyze your claim.

Therefore, hurricane public adjusters know every trick in the book and how to avoid them, such as:

  • Making sure that the business interruption claim is filled in correctly, on the approved form
  • Filing the claim within the deadline
  • Complying with all the clauses in your policy, including those written in fine print.

A distraught business owner, who is worrying about the future of their company and employees, may easily make a mistake, no matter how careful they are.

Let Experienced Public Adjusters Conduct Negotiations on Your Behalf

We know that you are good at negotiating deals with vendors and suppliers. However, when it comes to your business interruption claim, you should let hurricane public adjusters do the work on your behalf.

You are already busy, looking for contractors to fix the damages to your property and communicating with your employees, vendors and clients. You are also working hard to limit the extent of the damages and to salvage valuable items as well as important documents. Thus, you already have your hands full.

We Are Ready to Help You File Your Business Interruption Claim

In the darkest hours for you and your business, hurricane public adjusters are your ray of light. We will prepare a free estimate for you, fill in and submit your claim and then negotiate your claim amount.

We believe that businesses like yours form the backbone of the US economy, so we will do our best to help you get the financial relief you need while you rebuild your business. Call us now and let hurricane public adjusters help you with your business interruption claim!

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