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You have just filed an insurance claim after your home suffered damages due to a covered event. You believe that everything will go smoothly. And you will soon get paid and start repairing or replacing the damages. Unfortunately, this often is not the case. An experienced Florida public adjuster can attest to this. In some instances, you could have your claim denied.

There are some warning signs that indicate this may happen. We will discuss them in detail and explain what you should do in each situation.

You Don’t Hear from the Insurance Company in Weeks or Months

The first step towards denying a claim, as any Florida public adjuster knows, is letting the policyholder wait before getting an update on their claim. What really happens behind the scenes is that the insurer closely analyzes your insurance claim to find grounds for denial. First, they look to at least minimize your claim amount.

If you want to avoid this initial step in the process of getting a claim potentially denied, you need to hire a Florida public adjuster. This is a professional working on your behalf. They follow strict ethics guidelines enshrined in the Florida Statutes. Public adjusters have the training and experience to handle any insurance claim on your behalf. In addition, they can help speed up the process of getting it approved.

The Insurer Tells You that the Claim Is Under Investigation

Normally, your insurance company tells you the claim is being processed. If, instead, your claim is be investigated, this is a big warning sign. It means that the insurance company believes you have an excessive claim amount. However, it is a frequent tactic of dishonest insurers. In other words, they want to limit the amount they have to pay their clients.

A Florida public adjuster will ensure you have an accurate damage evaluation report. They will conduct negotiations on your behalf, using the same tactics that insurance adjusters use to push the approval of a claim in the shortest possible time.

You Are Asked to Give a Recorded Statement

Finally, you need to be very careful if the insurance adjuster asks you to give a recorded statement of the event that caused the damages. The slightest mistake you make – such as not remembering the date and time of the incident – can be used to deny your claim.

A Florida public adjuster can help you organize the information in your memory. This can make sure the requested statement is accurate and completely truthful. Call us now! Let one of our experienced adjusters assist you throughout the entire process of filing an insurance claim!

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