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Advocating for Florida Policyholders Since 2004


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Florida Loss Public Adjusters

Advocating for Florida Policyholders Since 2004

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Public Adjuster Property Claims Advocate

What is a Public Adjuster?

In a nutshell, a public adjuster is an insurance claim advocate for the policyholder. A Public Insurance Adjuster advocates for you, the policy holder, and NOT the insurance company. The insurance company has their own adjusters that look after their own interests, and a public adjuster looks after your interests.

But wont my Insurance adjuster will give me what I need?

Our experience tells us this is unlikely. Insurance Company adjusters work for, report to, and are paid by, the insurance company. Insurance companies are businesses, and they too look after their own bottom line. We find that often times they opt to repair items when replacement should be given.

An average policyholder working alone with an insurance company adjuster can be like a person going to settle a lawsuit without having their own lawyer. Policyholders need this kind of professional representation.

If I hire a Public Adjuster, and I have to pay a percentage of my recovery, then I will then be short money?

This could be the biggest misconception, especially since our recoveries have often doubled the initial amount offed for a claim. For example, a Condo complex in Tamarac initially wanted to hire us to help them with their insurance claim but felt our fee would take away from their recovery amount. They decided to negotiate their insurance claim for almost a year and they only recovered $500,000. They felt they were shortchanged after going it alone, so they hired us to fight for addition monies. Within months we collected an ADDITIONAL $1 million dollars for this client.

Had they hired us from the beginning, we may have been able to collect even more than the toal 1.5 million, plus they would not have had the headache of trying to adjust their own claim.

What is a typical Public Adjuster Fee?

Public Adjuster fees are usually 20%, however when a State of Emergency is declared (like during a Hurricane), the State of Florida will cap Public Adjuster fees at 10%. Don’t believe our fee is well worth it? See our Client Testimonials.

Servicing all of Florida, from Key West to the panhandle

We assist policyholders throughout Florida, South Florida, Pembroke Pines and surrounding communities with property-related insurance claims. Our South Florida public adjusters represent policy-holders from homeowners to commercial property owners and also multi-unit policy holders. We realize that navigating through the insurance claim process can be a daunting task, but our team at Florida Loss Public Adjusters Inc. is here to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible.

We have a highly specialized team to serve you, consisting of professional Claim Adjusters, Estimators, I.T. Professionals, and Project Managers dedicated to providing the support needed in difficult times. We’ve been in business since 2004, and our team of Adjusters have over 50 years combined experience in the insurance adjusting field and their knowledge is instrumental in securing the maximum settlement for our clients. Some of our adjusters even worked as former Insurance Company adjusters, and they know exactly what carriers should pay. It’s like having a former IRS tax agent preparing your taxes or tax audit.

Florida Loss Public Adjusters has even created our own proprietary software that allows our clients to track their claim(s) online. Our exclusive on-line program allows our adjusters to work on claims via any Internet connection, and clients are able to log in, 24 hours a day, to track the progress of their insurance claim. We’ve invested years into developing this software for our clients, our adjusters, and our team. What other firm offers this unparalleled on-line service?

New Claim

New Claim? Call Florida Loss FIRST!

Call us the very moment you have a Residential, Business, or Commercial loss and we'll handle everything for you. We'll report your claim to the insurance carrier, document all the damages with photos and a written estimate, then meet your adjuster to negotiate your loss and maximize your settlement.

Old Claim

Re-Open your Old Claim

Do you have a claim, less than 3 years old, where you think you might have been underpaid? Let us take a look just to make sure you were properly compensated for your loss. If we feel we can get you more money, we'll re-open your claim. No recovery, no fee, nothing to lose!

Denied Claim

Overturn Your Denied Claim

Denied property claim for your home, business, or complex? Some claims are wrongfully denied just because of the way the loss was reported, and we've overturned many. Let our experts take a second look at your denied claim to determine if your denial is valid.

We Are Here To Assist You With Insurance Claims:

We Are Here To Help You

We have recovered settlements for thousands of clients. Read what some of them had to say below.

This is my second time in the past two years having to use Florida Loss Public Adjusters and they exceeded my expectations again! They are very reliable and professional to work with. Ryan communicates during all the steps of the process and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!
Janet Writt
Janet Writt
If you want results in a professional friendly timely manner.. Ryan with FLPA is the one to turn to..Ryan kept me informed of the whole process and was patient with me and answered all my questions...I was happy with the results on my claim ..I would not hesitate to use their services again and would definitely recommend to anyone needing this type of service... Big plus is Ryan always returned calls or texts in a prompt professional manner
Marvin Lopez
Marvin Lopez
This company was referred to me by a friend which they helped, Ryan and his team from the beginning explained the process of my claim and kept me informed of all updates. They helped me fight my insurance company and won, im glad I went with them. Thanks Ryan👍👍
GUS Garcia
GUS Garcia
Florida Loss provided an excellent service and got me more money than I expected without need for litigation. I found them to be a resourceful team that really helped me.
Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero
Service is highly recommended; all members are very professional and help you from the beginning of the claim all the way to the final solution. Will use them again if need.
Abiezer Roman
Abiezer Roman
Ryan was able to get our claim through. Thanks to him, we were able to finally get our insurance to pay for our roof replacement. He was also very patient when it came time to finalize all of the paperwork and helped us through the entire process. I highly recommend him!
Jan Ola
Jan Ola
I have used Florida Loss Public Adjusters A few yours ago the adjuster was extremely Helpful and stress free. My son ( a disable vet)had a pipe leak in his kitchen 3 months ago I called FLPA because I knew I could trust them and they will handle this matter for my son. I would always recommen FLPA to family and friends. Thank you again
Manoj Srivastava
Manoj Srivastava
This might have been the worst experience I have ever dealing with a company. The first time the check was endorsed by the wrong bank. The second time the check was lost. I am not sure what is going on but I had absolutely the worst experience. They just dont care as long as they get paid.
Ronald Desbrunes
Ronald Desbrunes
Issue was resolved satisfactorily. Staffs are very responsive and knowledgeable.
Ryan was very helpful and knowledgeable! We were very happy with the outcome and definitely would recommend using Florida Loss Public Adjusters.

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